Confident Childbirth

Each and every pregnancy is totally unique and miraculous.
From conception to the birth of your new baby you have watched and felt your body growing and changing, with each day bringing you closer to the time you will meet your new baby.
Hypnobirthing is a natural approach designed to release anxiety, fears and build confidence during birth. Confident childbirth will ensure you have the knowledge and the tools to have the best childbirth experience for you.
By having this information it will help you to release any worries or fears. It will help you learn to trust your instincts, your body and your baby.

Using hypnobirthing means you are likely to experience a more comfortable birth.  Often the length of labour is often much shorter using this approach.
Your baby will arrive in a more relaxed and serene environment which will greatly assist in the bonding process.  Fewer drugs and medical interventions are usually necessary.
Mums often recover more quickly after having a hypnobirthing birth as the physical impact of giving birth is often much reduced.  Your birth partner will learn how to support you and have an active role in this shared experience.

It is a privilege to be able to work with expectant mums and their partners during their unique  journey until the time they meet their new baby.
To find out more about how hypnobirthing could help, please contact me by telephone or email.
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